Work Phobia – Ergophobia

Let me share an interesting information about “Ergophobia” Means Fear of Work.  It is an abnormal and persistent fear of work. People with Ergophobia experiences undue anxiety about the Workplace Environment. It is also called as Work Phobia.

Ergophobia is Derived from Greek  “Ergon” Means (Work)  and Phobos(Fear).

Common Work Phobias [Ergophobia]

  1. Bossophobia – Fear of Superiors / Boss
  2. Decidophobia – Fear of making decisions
  3. Centophobia – Fear of new workplace
  4. Atychiphobia – Fear of failure
  5. Glossophobia – Fear of Public speaking

Reasons for Ergophobia:

It starts from an incident of trauma at some earlier point in a person’s life. Losing a job or being mocked or maligned for poor work in the past could be reasons why people develop this fear.

Symptoms of Ergophobia:

  • Extreme anxiety.
  • Physical symptoms like profuse sweating, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, overall trembling, dry mouth and panic attacks.

How to overcome the Ergophobia

  1. Have a Positive Approach
  2. Ignore the Phobia.
  3. Interact with Positive and Supportive people whom you trust.
  4. Seek for Professional Help like Psychological Advise.

   Let us  help Our Friends and colleagues to Overcome Ergophobia and Make their Professional life Happy.

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6 thoughts on “Work Phobia – Ergophobia

  1. I think everyone in his career faces one of those phobias mentioned above,Fear of failure may be the common one to mention.It would have been better if you had elaborated about facing phobias.Some ways to adopt and follow.Nevertheless good article.

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