Know Your Cheque Book

Today I met Vinutha in the Bank, who has come there to return her Cheque book which had only 9 Cheque Leaves.  The Clerk told her that she should have checked it before, Friends Here with I am giving some information about the Cheque Book

What is Cheque Book?

  1. It is given to the Account Holders by the Bank.
  2. It is used to Withdraw the Money from your Account and To make Payments [Mobile Bill, Insurance Premium].
  3. There are Two types of Cheques
          A. Self Cheque – Open Cheque used to  immediately withdraw the cash from the Account.
          B. Account-Payee Cheque – Used to make Payments and Money will be Directly transferred to the Payee’s Account. Two Lines drawn in left top corner of the Cheque Leaf indicates that it is Account payee Cheque [Note: It is not used to directly withdraw the Cash].

  Important parts of the cheque Leaf

  1. Date – Write the Date Properly in the  Date Section[ Ex: 25-Jan-2012 OR 25-01-2012].
  2.  Pay – Write the Name to whom you are making a payment.
                Note: Write Self if you are withdrawing personally
                      Write Yourself when you are using the cheque To Take DD from the Bank.
  3. Amount – Write Amount in Figures [using numbers] and Words.
       Example: In Figures 1500/- [Always write /- at the End of the Amount.
      In Words   One Thousand and Five Hundred Only [Add the word Only at the end of the Amount].
  4.  Signature – Sign According to the Specimen Signature given to the bank.

  Points to Ponder

  1. Count the Number of Leaves, Your Account Number  in the Cheque book before leaving the Bank.
  2. Carefully fill all the Details in the cheque Leaf Before Signing.
  3. Don’t Sign the Blank Cheque Leaves.
  4. If the cheque book is lost immediately inform to the Bank.

 Hope Always you will remember these points.

Happy Banking!!!!!!!!

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