All About PAN Number

All of us have PAN Card Right, Any time you have tried to understand the structure of the PAN Number.  To Help all you I am giving details about the PAN Card and PAN Number.

What is a PAN?

  1. PAN – stands for Permanent Account Number.
  2. 10 Digit Alphanumeric number.
  3. Used to identify the Tax Payer on the Computer system.
  4. Issued by the Income Tax Department to a Individual or to a Corporate Body.
  5. Mandatory for all the Financial Transactions like
              1. To Open a Bank Account and Demat Account
               2. To Deposit or to Transfer the More than Rs.50,000 in the Bank.
              3. For Tax Payment.

 Structure of the PAN Number [Have 10 Alphanumeric digits]

  1. First 3 Digits – Alphabet Series running from AAA to ZZZ.
  2. Fourth Digit – Represents the Status and depends on Status of the Assessee:
                          1. P – Person
                         2. C – Company
                         3. H – Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
                         4. F – Firm
                         5. G – Government
  3. 5th Digit – First Character of the assessee’s Last Name or Surname.
  4. 6th to 9th Digit – Represents the Sequential number Series from 0001 to 9999.
  5. 10th or Last Digit – Alphabetic Check Digit

   Example:  PAN Number : AAAPK2747Q and Name: Sanjay Karatattu

  1.   AAA – Represents the Alphabet Series
  2.   P – Status of the Person as Individual
  3.   K – First Letter of the Surname [Karatattu]
  4.   2747 – Represents the Number Series 0001 to 9999
  5.   Q – Alphabet  

PAN Card will have the Details like PAN Number, Full Name, Father’s Name, Date of birth, Photograph and Signature of the PAN Card Holder.

You can apply for the PAN Card online or offline. To Apply online You can use the following Links.          

 Use PAN Number in all your financial Transactions.

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