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My friend Sarala, Works in an IT Company was planning for a trip and applied for  7 Days Leave.  She was granted only 3 Days Leave stating that she is still in the probationary Period.  Friends it is always good to know the Leave Policy in your organization and How many leaves you can take in Calendar Year.  Regarding this you can find some details here.

What is a Leave?

Leave is a provision to stay away from our regular office work for some reason with the approval from the Management.  Leave can be granted based on following reasons.

  • Casual
  • Planned
  • Medical Condition
  • Exceptional Conditions
  1. Each organization will have its own Leave policy based on the prescribed set of rules and regulations.
  2. Leave Rules will be applied to all permanent employees of the company.
  3. Note: It will not be applied to Contract or Temporary Employees.

Types of Leaves

1. Casual Leave [CL]

  •  10 to 12 Days in a Year
  •  It cannot be Carry forwarded to the Next Calendar Year.
  • Prior Approval is Required

2. Sick Leave [SL]

  • 6 to 8 Days in a Year.
  • Medical Certificate is required if you are taking more than 2 days leave.
  • It can be Carry forward to the Next Calendar Year.

3. Maternity Leave

  • 90 Days to 120 Days.
  • Entitled only for Female Employees

4. Earned or Paid Leave

  •  Applicable to all the Permanent Employees who have completed their Probationary period.
  • Every 20 working days you will earn 1 Paid Leave and It can be accumulated or can be forwarded to next Calendar Year.
  • We can surrender these Leave for the Encashment.

5. Study Leave

  • Given to the Employees who want to take up some course.
  • Duration depends on Course Selected by the Employee.
  • Usually salary will not paid during this period.

Other Leaves includes Paternal Leave, Half Pay Leave.


  • Always check with HR about the Leave Policy whenever you are joining any organization.
  • Each Company will have its own Leave Policy.

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