Beware – Before Taking Medicines

Yesterday, my Friend Sarala  took a Tablet.  After some time she started feeling uneasy and discomfort and was rushed to the Doctor.  The Doctor asked her Whether She had taken any Medicine for the Fever??. She showed the Tablet strip to Doctor.   When he checked the Tablet strip,   Sarala has taken the Tablet after its Expiry Date.   Dear Friends, When we are not Well, we do take  Medicines like Tablet, Capsule or Syrup Do check the  Expiry Date on the Medicine before using.   Remember these Suggestions.

Note:Expire Day indicates How long you can use that medicine. After the Expiry Date it is not safe to use the Medicine.

To Buy Medicine 

  1. Always Take Doctor’s prescription.
  2. Buy from the Authorized/Registered  Medical Stores or Pharmacy.
  3. Check for Medicine Name, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date on Medicine Strip/Bottle.
  4. Always collect the Bill after making the Payments and Keep the Bill for your reference.

To Store Medicine

  1. Keep  in the Air-tight Container.
  2. Keep the Container in the Cupboards away from Heat and Light
  3. Keep the medicine out of the reach of the Children.
  4. Keep the medicine in the Refrigerator [if Required].

Before Taking Medicine

  1. Take the Medicine’s according the Doctor’s Prescription.
  2. Follow the Instructions given in the Prescription.. 
  3. Always drink sufficient water after taking the Tablets/Capsule.

       Be Alert Do See the Expiry Date Before using Medicine!!!!!!!

Happy Medicine Time
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8 thoughts on “Beware – Before Taking Medicines

  1. Thank you for taking the time to give us valued information. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent for give us a knowledge about expiry date of the medicines. Sometimes we are not check expiry date. Your advice is very helpful.


  2. It is a very nice article about expiry date of medicines. Most of the People in India do not check the expiry date before purchasing or consuming the medicines and face this kind of problems. You have taken time to provide a good and important article. Nice article. I appreciate the article.


  3. Nice information.One more thing i would like to add to your article is ‘One need not have to worry about wasting expired tablets. This can be dissolved in water and can be used to water the plant.This works as a fertilizer (if not completely but at least helps them grow)

  4. Re-check your medicine cabinet once a while and discard the expired medications…..even elderly people at home might not check before they take the med, so better to be careful than sorry

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