Doctor Types and Specialization

My friend Swarna visited  her Family Doctor with some ailment,  After doing routine check, Family doctor  advised  her to consult a Dermatologist. Swarna didn’t understood what the doctor was telling?????.  Seeing her confusion doctor told her to consult a Skin doctor for further treatment.  Dear Friends here I am  giving details about the Doctor Type and their specialization.

  1. General Physician   – Family/General  Doctor who treats the General ailment like Fever, cough and cold.  If required he will refer you to specialist for further Investigation and Treatment.
  2. Gynecologist – He/She is specialized in treating pregnancy, childbirth and other women health problems.
  3. PediatricianChild Doctor specialized in treating the children in the age of 1 Day to 16 Years.
  4. OphthalmologistEye Doctor,  specialized treating Eye related problems.
  5. DermatologistSkin Doctor, specialized  in treating Skin related problems.
  6. ENT doctor – specialized in treating Ear, Nose and Throat related problems.
  7. orthopedicBone Doctor, Specialized in treating Bone related problems, Back-Pine and Fractures.
  8. CardiologistHeart Doctor Specialized in treating  Heart related problems.
  9. Neurologist – Specialized in treating  problem in brain and Nervous  system.
  10. DentistTeeth Doctor, Specialized in treating  the Teeth related problems like Tooth Ache.
  11. Urologist – Specialized in Treating the Urinary tract related problems.
  12. Psychiatrist – Specializes in treating the Mental disorders.
  13. Pathologistt – Specialized in Diagnosing the human disease using Laboratory method  [checking your blood and Urine samples].
  14. RadiologistsX-Ray Doctor/Scanning Doctor who reads and interprets digital images, or x-rays, of patients obtained through a variety of cameras, machines, and imaging equipment.
  15. Anesthesiologist – Specialized in administering the anesthesia during the surgery.
  16. General Surgeon – specialized in performing the Surgery.
  17. OncologistCancer Doctor, specialized in treating the Cancer.
  18.  NephrologistKidney Doctor specialized in treating Kidney related problems.
  19. Endocrinologist –  specialized in treating the Thyroid gland problems.
  20. Gastrologist – specialized in treating the digestive system problems.
  21. Veterinary Doctor – Animal Doctor, specialized in treating the Animals.

Hope this will help you to know Doctor Types and Specialization!!!!!

Happy Consulting Time

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