Housewife to HomeMaker

Recently I met Mala a Home Maker. Mala has done Post Graduation and was working in a College. After Marriage she left the Job to take care of  her daughter. She manages all the household work which includes cooking, cleaning and washing clothes, Bringing Grocery from Shop, and Making Bill Payments. Every day her work starts at  6.00 A.M, will continue till 9.00 P.M.  She works for 365 days selflessly without any Salary or Rest or Appreciation. Like Mala many Women are managing their House effectively without going to the Outside Job.

Dear Friends, Any time do we thought of giving a Professional Status to their dedicated and self-less work. We merely give them a Status/Designation as “House Wife“. Don’t you think they deserve Better Professional Status or Designation, Like “Home Maker” or “Home Manager” or “Home Engineer”.

How we can ensure that they get this Professional Status / Designation.

  1. Use the word “Home Maker” instead of “House Wife” while introducing your mother or  wife or Married sister or daughter [who are not working outside] to your Friends or Relatives.
  2. Do  appreciating  and respect their work.
  3. By giving a Weekly Holiday.
  4. By Helping  in the House hold work whenever you have free time.
  5. By giving  them some money for their Personal expenses, even before they request!!!!.
  6. Celebrate their  Birthday and Marriage Anniversary.
  7. Pay attention to their Health and take them to the doctor whenever it is needed.

Remember A Happy Home Maker Makes the Happy Home!!!!!!!.

Happy Home
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