Salute to Senior Citizens

Rama Rao and Janaki are elderly Couple, Living in a Join family with their two Sons, Daughter-in-law and  Grand children.  Rama Rao is 70 and a retired Teacher and  Janaki is 65 and Home Maker. In this Modern Age when people wanted to live in a nuclear family. Couple is leading a  Happy and Peaceful Life with their children in a Join Family!!!!!.   How this Magic worked out for Rama Rao’s Family!!!.  No Magic formula, They have achieved this by following  Simple Rules.

  1. Plan out for Day’s work and sticking to Routine [Like Morning Walk, Yoga].
  2. Be Supportive to the Children, Grand Children and other Family members.
  3. Discuss and take into confidence all the Family members before taking Major decision in the important Family matters.
  4. Give suggestions and Advice only when your are asked for it.
  5. Never interfere in the Children’s Personal Matter.
  6. Pursue a hobby which will give you happiness.

Benefits given the Senior Citizen by Government

  1. 25% Discount in Railway and Bus Tickets.
  2.  Banks will give 0.5% to 1% extra Interest Rate on Fixed Deposits
  3. Tax exemption up to 5 lakh Rupees.

By following these Simple Rules you can lead a peaceful and Happy Life with your family.

Happy Life

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