Packed Items Beware Before buying

Preethi, went for shopping to a supermarket. She went around the supermarket and put many packed items like Chocolates, Biscuits, Soft drinks like Coco-cola, Maaza, Maagi, Noodles and many more items to her trolley without seeing the Packed Date on the Packed Items!!!!!.  Like Preethi many will not see the Packed Date before buying the Items.   Dear Friends Follow these simple rules before buying the packed items.

  1. See the Packed Dated  on the item’s pack. It may be in one of these formats.
  2.                                    Packed On 09/10/2013    OR Packed On 10/13
                                       Packing Date 09/10/2013  OR Packing Date 10/13
                                       Pkd 09/10/2013                    OR Pkd 10/13
  3. Read the Instruction like “Best Use For 9 Months from the Packed Date” on the Item’s Pack.
  4. Educate the Children to see the Packed Date before buying their favorite Chocolates, Biscuits or Ice Creams.
  5. Follow the Instructions on Item’s pack to store/Preserve the items at the Home.
  6. Use the Items before the Expire date.

Do pay attention to these points while buying the packed Food Items!!!!!.

Happy Shopping Time

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