Choose Right Book for Your Child

A Child will start learning as soon as he or she was born. By 1st year Child will be knowing lot of things in the surroundings. Many parents  will be thinking what will be Right Age to introduce child to the Books. According to me by 10 months you can start buying the books for your child. Here with I am providing some tips which will help you choose right books for your child at Right Time.

  • 1st Year – Books on Vegetable, Body parts, Vehicles, Fruits, Flowers.  You will get thick plastic covered Books, which can be cleaned easily.
  • 2nd Year – Alphabets and Numbers Books
  • 3rd  Year – Simple Story and Rhyme  Books
  • 4 Year to 8 Year –   Right Age to buy Magic pot [Children Magazine]. [Till the Age of 8].  Buy the Mythological, Panchatantra and Moral Story Books.
  • 9 Year –  Tinkle  Magazine, Tell Me Why, Chandamama and Champak [Upto to 16 Years]. 
  • 10 Years – Wisdom.

Tips to Improve the Reading Habits in Children

  1. Gift Your Child with Books on the Special Occasions
  2. Buy the  Children Magazines and Sit with them whenever they are reading the Book or Magazine.
  3. Reading the Story aloud and Narrate the story to them till they are able to read on their Own.

Do Buy Books and Magazine, Encourage your Child to read the books!!!!!!

Happy Reading
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