Salute to my teachers

Teacher or Guru is one who will  Help you to Choose Right Path and Direction in the Life.  A Good Teacher will be Always a Friend, Philosopher and Guide to the Student and Helps to build His/Her  life in a Better way.  In My Life I have learnt  Lessons from Many Teachers.  Each Lesson has helped me to build my life in Right direction.  On the occasion of Teacher’s Day I want to remember some of my Great Teachers and want to salute them for their Help and Guidance.

  • Gowri – She was my student.  Who taught me.
  1. “Have a Nurse Like Attitude”
  2. “Pay attention to the things which will grow it may be good or bad”.
  • Reena yadav -She is a Research Scientist and Life Coach.  She helped me to understand about the “Thought process” in life.

Do Respect Your Teacher.

Happy Teacher’s Day

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2 thoughts on “Salute to my teachers

  1. Motivating comment about me. I found this and thought you might be interested. Self-acknowledgment is equally important as acknowledging others
    Thank you Vijaylakshmi, you have been a great teacher yourself. I feel blessed to be acknowledged by you. Thank you. Regards Reena Yadav

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