Provision to Write Mother’s Name in Application Form

Recently Poorvi went to bank to open an Account in her Son’s name.  In the Account Opening Form there was no provision to write the Mother’s name!!!! but she found only Father’s or Husband’s name. When she checked with staff they told her to write the Father’s Name as there was no place to fill the Mother’s Name.

Shanthi a Single Parent with two children, When she approached a Insurance company to buy a health Insurance policy for her family,  After knowing her requirement the company adviced  her to buy a Individual policy, as they don’t have any family policy for for family head with only a Mother with children without spouse!!!!.

Dear Friends in our day to day life many time we need to fill up the forms and in most of the Forms there is no provision to write the Mother’s name.!!!!!!  Even though Mother’s are working tirelessly at Home and Outside to support their families we are not giving her due recognization or support for her Efforts.

Request to the concern Organizations and People.

  1. Add Column to Write the Mother’s name in the Application form along with Father and Husband’s name.
  2. use Parent’s Name instead of Father’s name  which will give the option either to fill Mother’s or Father’s Name.

Hope these measures will help us to understand Mother’s Contribution and Effort.

Happy Mother’s Time

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