Protect Your PINs

Recently Radha got a message stating that Rs.30000/- has been withdrawn from her Account!!!!!!.  She got surprised and checked her Wallet for the Debit Card and couldn’t be found.   Later she remembered that last week when she had gone out that time she might have lost the card. How any one can withdrawn the money using her card without knowing the PIN No. Because  Radha has written her ATM PIN on the Debit card cover!!!!

Like Radha many of us will write the ATM PIN number on Card  or its cover because we can easily use the same to withdraw the Money.   When the card is lost or stolen any one can see the PIN No and use your Credit/Debit Card.

Tips to protect the Credit / Debit Card PINs.


  1. Never Write the PIN No on the Card or its Cover.
  2. Never Reveal Your PIN No. to any one directly or Indirectly.


  1. Memorize the PIN  and either Destroy the document which contains the PIN No or  keep it in safe place.
  2. Frequently change your PIN No.

Do follow this and Safeguard Your Money!!!!

Happy Banking

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