Wait for Your turn

Sudha had an appointment with the doctor.  She went to the Doctor’s Clinic along with her son and at the clinic, the receptionist gave her a waiting list number (Written on paper).  She collected the same was waiting for her turn.

Doctor was busy, Woman was waiting with a young baby [3 Months] to meet the doctor.  Suddenly woman [looks like an Educated from her English] came with her two children and was standing near the Doctor’s Consultation Room Repeatedly telling that she is very busy and don’t have time to wait for her turn.  After 10 Minutes the Receptionist Asked  woman with the young baby  to get inside the Consultation room. Woman with two children just Rushed inside the consultation room to meet the Doctor without bothering about other people who are waiting for their turn.   Sudha and others asked the  what is her waiting list number without answering she rushed inside.

Dear Friends you also might had this kind of experience in life.   We always value only our time.   Time is very precious to Everyone.  Do understand  and learn to Respect and Value others Time.

Wait for your turn”

Happy Waiting Time
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