Woman Empowerment

Nidhi is working professional stays in a joint family with her Husband two children and in-laws.  Her day starts at 5.00 a.m and leaves for office at 8.00 a.m by finishing all her house hold work without any support from other family members.  Her in-laws are in good health and expects everything should be done only by Nidhi and will not encourage their son to help Nidhi in the House hold work.

Nidhi has a sister-in-law also a working professional living in the same city.  When her in-laws visits their daughter’s house both of them will be  help their daughter in all the household work.  When son-in-law tries to help their daughter they will encourage him to help their daughter!!!!!!.

Nidhi’s Mother-in-law is board member of the Organization which work for the Woman Right Protection and Empowerment.  Whenever she is invited for a function she talks all about Woman Right protection and Empowerment.  But fails realize the same need to be practiced and implemented by herself.

Dear Reader hope you saw the “Double Standard“.!!!!!   This we can find in every house hold in our society.

First let us make our family woman members life better!!!

Hope we can change for the better future.

Happy Reading

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