Be Empathetic Don’t be Sympathetic

Jaya is studying  BE 4th semester and can’t walk on her own. She uses Electronic wheelchair for her movement and she is very comfortable with it!!! Rita’s Right hand is amputated due to an accident and today she is very comfortable in using her left hand for all the works. She even drives a normal car with her single hand!!!!!
Jaya and Rita are very comfortable with their Life!!! But people around them are not comfortable with it!!!!. Whenever they go out,

  • People will look at them curiously
  • Eager to know about their problem.
  •  Ask questions how and why they got such problems

Friends we may meet people with some disability.  Remember these points.

  • Don’t ask any questions about their Disability.
  • Do treat them like a normal human Person.

Let us change our attitude and Be Empathetic Towards them!!!

Happy Times

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