Value Others Time

Indira is a Manager at the reputed bank in Bangalore.  She is professional, Smiling and wants to help customers who visits her branch.  She always

  1. Talks to  customers politely
  2. Listen to their needs
  3. Ensures their work will be done.

Yesterday I went to bank and wanted to meet her regarding some work. Like me some people including Senior citizens were waiting to meet her.  One Gentle man who was retired Bank Official was talking her in the cabin.  We thought he was discuss about some important work,  later came to know he was just talking her about his Personal Matter and nothing very important thing!!!!!

Friends, People working in responsible position like Indira, will be always under pressure and their time will be precious.  When you want to meet them please Value their Time!!! and talk only about your work.

Hope We Learn to Value Others Time.

Happy Banking

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