Follow Your Passion

Subhash’s parents are doctors and wanted  their son also to be a doctor.  Due to the parental pressure Subhash studied Medicine.  Today Subhash is not into Medical Profession!!!! he is working as Business Analyst in the Health Care Domain Software company.

Siri’s parents are working  in the IT Industry, wanted their daughter to be a Software Engineer, but Siri was interested in Fashion Designing. Parents Enrolled  her for the Engineering Course. After few days  she left the college.   After a year her parents allowed her to join the Fashion Designing course and today Siri is a very successful Fashion designer and runs her own Boutique.

Dear Parents to avoid the above situations please remember these points

  1. Talk to Your Children and understand their interest.
  2. Help them to Identity the Right Course and College
  3. Enroll them to a Good College to get the Right Skills.
  4. Allow them to follow their Passion to become successful Professional.

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