Handle with Care

Sharath will play badminton with his friends in the park. He will give the racket to his friends. But Friends will not Handle the Racket with Care and Racket was broken!!!

Bhavana has borrowed 10th Std Text books from her friend Kavya. Books were given in good condition and was requested to Handle it with Care. But it was return in very bad condition!!!!.

Friends Like Kavya or Sharath many people are willing to help others by sharing like books or Toys. But for many it will end up with very bad Experience and they will stop sharing their things with others.

Do and Don’ts to handle the Borrowed things


  • Handle the things with Care as if it belongs to you.
  • Tell the Children about value of things which are borrowed and ask them handle with care.
  • Return the Things in good condition so that it can be useful to others


  • Don’t be careless in handling the borrowed things.
  • Don’t Write or Tear the pages from the Books

Happy Borrowing

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