How Many to accompany a Patient

Vibha accompanied her sister for a doctor’s visit with prior appointment. When they visited the hospital, she saw many people were waiting at the Reception and she couldn’t find a chair for her sister to sit. They thought that, need to wait for a long time to meet the doctor!!!

When the doctor arrived she saw that, one patient accompanied by 5 to 6 people were trying to enter into the consultation room. Doctor requested only one person should accompany the patient. Later when patient came out, Others rushed to the consultation room to know the status of the patient’s Health. Doctor politely told them to discuss this with person who had accompanied the patient.

Dear Friends, Doctor’s time is very precious. Do remember these points whenever you visit the doctor next time!!!!

  1. Patient should be accompanied by only one or two people who are aware of his health condition.
  2. Carry the patient’s medical records like Prescription, Lab Reports and Other important documents.
  3. Make a list of Questions need to be asked when you meet a doctor.
  4. Allow the doctor to examine the patient and to view the reports. Later ask the questions regarding the patient’s health condition.
  5. Listen to the Doctor’s Instructions Carefully regarding medication and follow the same.
  6. Wait Outside, if the doctor is examining the other patients.

Happy Consultation.

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