MICR Code in Cheque Book

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Let me share an interesting episode which happened with a dear friend of mine. She wanted to send some information regarding a cheque to an acquaintance. She was quite stumped when she was asked for the MICR code. after much eye-rolls and the “typical woman” looks, she was explained what that particular code is.

To all my uninitiated women-friends, let me give you the one-on-one of this cryptic code that eludes the most savvy and outgoing of all women.

MICR – Stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is Magnetic Ink Barcode Printed on the bottom of  Bank’s cheque leaves.

It is unique system used by the Bank for cheque clearing and Every bank has unique MICR Code.

MICR Code has 9 digits and Each three digits in code signifies the information about
  1. City
  2. Bank Name
  3. Bank  Branch Code

Example:  MICR Code No. 560015005

  1. 560 – Represents  City Name [Bangalore]
  2. 015 – Represents Bank Name [Canara Bank]
  3. 005 – Represents Bank Branch Code [Avenue Road Branch]

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Happy Banking!!

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