Gifted – Book Review

I read a book titled “Gifted” recently. Book contains Inspirational stories of People with Disabilities.

Book Title: Gifted
Author: Sudha Menon and V R Ferose
Publisher: Random House India

It contains stories of People with Disabilities who fought all the odds in their life to reach a Good and Respectable position in  various Fields like Sports, Art and Social Service Sector. It includes stories of Malathi Holla an athlete from Bangalore, Girish who won Silver Medal at Para Olympics. Suresh Advani an Oncologist from Mumbai

Lessons from the Book

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Never Give up approach
  3. Pushing beyond the boundary to achieve the Goal
  4. Constructive Family Support

Any one adopts these lessons in their life can do wonders in their life.

Happy Reading
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Choose Right Book for Your Child

A Child will start learning as soon as he or she was born. By 1st year Child will be knowing lot of things in the surroundings. Many parents  will be thinking what will be Right Age to introduce child to the Books. According to me by 10 months you can start buying the books for your child. Here with I am providing some tips which will help you choose right books for your child at Right Time.

  • 1st Year – Books on Vegetable, Body parts, Vehicles, Fruits, Flowers.  You will get thick plastic covered Books, which can be cleaned easily.
  • 2nd Year – Alphabets and Numbers Books
  • 3rd  Year – Simple Story and Rhyme  Books
  • 4 Year to 8 Year –   Right Age to buy Magic pot [Children Magazine]. [Till the Age of 8].  Buy the Mythological, Panchatantra and Moral Story Books.
  • 9 Year –  Tinkle  Magazine, Tell Me Why, Chandamama and Champak [Upto to 16 Years]. 
  • 10 Years – Wisdom.

Tips to Improve the Reading Habits in Children

  1. Gift Your Child with Books on the Special Occasions
  2. Buy the  Children Magazines and Sit with them whenever they are reading the Book or Magazine.
  3. Reading the Story aloud and Narrate the story to them till they are able to read on their Own.

Do Buy Books and Magazine, Encourage your Child to read the books!!!!!!

Happy Reading
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Be Regular to the School

Bharath is  studying in 3rd Std in a Reputed school. He is good at studies and wants to Goto school Regularly!!!. But He will miss the School for 2 or 3 Days in a Month!!!!.  Reason he will be busy in attending Parties, Functions and Visiting Relatives along with his parents!!!!. Like Bharath many children are missing their schools due to this kind of Reason. Dear parents follow these simple rules and allow your children to attend the school Regularly.

  1. Don’t take the children to the Parties and Functions which you need to attend  during their School Hours.
  2. Allow them attend the Parties only After their School Hours or During Holidays
  3. Plan for Outings and Trips Only when the Children have Holidays to their School.
  4. Visit your Friends and Relatives with Children only on Weekends.
  5. Encourage Them to Attend the School Regularly.

Follow these Rules and Send them to the School Regularly!!!.

Happy School Time

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Magic Gift for Your Child

When Sanjay was 3 year old I started looking for a Good Story Book for him.  My friend Archana suggested me to buy THIS  book.  Alas!!!!What  a Wonderful Book with Lots of StoriesPuzzles, Pictures to color, Parenting Tips and Contests and Lot More!!!  This Book really opened a New World for Sanjay.  Dear Friends Do You want Your Child to

  1. Enjoy Story Reading.
  2. Develop English Reading and Writing Skills.
  3. Enjoy Coloring and Drawing the Pictures.
  4. Love to Solve Puzzeles and Riddles
  5. Like to Get Lovely Gifts.

Then start buying “Magic Pot” Book, Which is an Ideal Book for your Child.   Magic Pot Book Details.

  1. Type : Weekly [Every Thursday or Friday]
  2. Age Group: 3 to 9 Years
  3. Price : Rs.15
  4. Publication: Manorama Publishing House
  5. Where to Buy: From News Paper Agents, News Paper Selling Shop  or through Subscription

Magic Pot is Best Gift any Parent can give to their Child. Now Sanjay is 8 Years, still I am buying Magic pot for him.

Do get Magic Pot for Your Child.  Let them Enjoy, Learn and Grow with Magic Pot.

For More Details visit:

Happy Magic Pot Reading

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Right Age to start Schooling for Your Child

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Let me a share an interesting episode with you.  Saturday I met my friend Radha, who was trying to find a good school for her 3-year-old daughter.  She was tired of visiting  schools  and could not find a good school for her daughter because all the school admissions was closed by this time. Like Radha, many parents will be confused and is not aware of the school admission Procedure.

To all my uninitiated women-friends, let me give you some details to find a Right School for your child.

When the Child is 2 years old start collecting details like [School Name, Syllabus, Facilities, Fee Structure, Timings, Distance, Quality of Education] about the schools from your neighbours, Friends, colleagues and relatives.  After collecting the details, plan accordingly and start searching for Right School.

  Remember these points to find  a Right School for Your Child.
1. Syllabus:
      1. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) [LKG to 12 Std]
      2. ICSE  (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) [LKG to 12 Std]
      3. State Board   [LKG to 12 Std]
      4. Montessori [Only Nursery]

2.  Age and Class Names  [General]
    Schools     Montessori                                  Age
     Pre Kg          Level I                       2 Years 10 Months-3 Years
     LKG               Level II                     3 Years 10 months 4 Years
     UKG              Level III                   4 Years 10 months 5 Years

    [Note: a. Some Schools will have LKG, UKG  and  Preparatory  [ISCE Schools] and will not have Pre-Kg.
                  b. Age Limit may vary from school to school.]

3. Admission Procedure

           1. Collect Application Form the school [Minimum 3 Schools]
           2. Attend Interview along with Child at School.
           3. See the Admission List to confirm the Admission
           4. Enroll the Child to the School.

4. Right Time Start:  From August to March Every Year.
      Example: Say you want Put child to the school in June 2012,  start visiting schools from August 2011 itself and do the follow-up Regularly till the child is enrolled into the School.

Points to Ponder:

  • Always Carry Child’s Birth Certificate[for age proof] When ever you visit the school for an Enquiry.
  • Try to Select the school near to the home [with in 3-4 Kilometers Radius]. 
  • Don’t Change the Schools Frequently.

All Best To find a Right School for your Child

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