Be Regular to the School

Bharath is  studying in 3rd Std in a Reputed school. He is good at studies and wants to Goto school Regularly!!!. But He will miss the School for 2 or 3 Days in a Month!!!!.  Reason he will be busy in attending Parties, Functions and Visiting Relatives along with his parents!!!!. Like Bharath many children are missing their schools due to this kind of Reason. Dear parents follow these simple rules and allow your children to attend the school Regularly.

  1. Don’t take the children to the Parties and Functions which you need to attend  during their School Hours.
  2. Allow them attend the Parties only After their School Hours or During Holidays
  3. Plan for Outings and Trips Only when the Children have Holidays to their School.
  4. Visit your Friends and Relatives with Children only on Weekends.
  5. Encourage Them to Attend the School Regularly.

Follow these Rules and Send them to the School Regularly!!!.

Happy School Time

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