Good Manners

One day Some relatives  A Group of 10 with Elders and Children came to Sunitha’s  house.  Her family members Welcome them and later she served the breakfast.  After having the Breakfast the Elders washed their hands in the plate!!!! and same was followed by the children.  Sunitha’s family members were annoyed by  the relatives behaviour and remove the plates and cleaned the Dinning table.

In the Afternoon after having the lunch they were about to wash hands the in the plate that time Sunitha politely told them not to wash the hands in the plate and requested them to use the wash basin. They all unwillingly  washed their hands in the Wash basin.

Dear Friends   Do follow some good manners and teach same to your children  and follow it When ever you are Guest or Host.


  1. Wash and Keep the plate in the Proper place after eating the breakfast or Lunch or Dinner
  2. Wash Your Hands in Wash basin.


  1. Leaving the plate on the dining table after eating the Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner
  2. Washing the hands in the Plate after eating the breakfast or lunch.

Do follow it and become Role Model for the Children and Friends!!!!!!!!

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