Value Your Customer

Vijaya runs a consultancy  which provides  training  on  IT skills to Individual and Corporate Clients.  On the Occasion of 5th Anniversary of the Consultancy, she decided to buy a gift item to be given to vendors and colleagues.  She posted her requirements online.  For this she got good response from the vendors. Vendors were looking for the good business what they  will get from the customer’s order rather than understanding the customer’s requirement!!!!.

When Vijaya told that she is looking for gift items with reasonable price and wanted to only 100 nos. vendors were not keen to take her order and was not responded to her request properly.

Dear Vendors, one can run and sustain in the business for long time only  by valuing the Customer and Clients. When  a customer approaches you with a request


  1. Listen to the Customer.
  2. Understand their Requirements
  3. Help them by giving right suggestions.
  4. Allow the Customer to make a final decision.
  5. Always Value the Customer irrespective of Volume of the Business.


  1. Never Ignore Your Customer.

Value your Customer to Grow and Sustain in the Business for Long Time

Happy Customer

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