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Dr.Ravish is a Consultant radiologist and works in Reputed hospital. He will be very busy and hardly finds time to attend any Family Gatherings. Whenever he attends the gatherings, he will be surrounded by  the Friends and relatives with their Medical Reports, seeking his suggestions on their health problems!!!!!

Vijay is a Lawyer by profession and whenever he attends any function his friends and relatives will get documents and seek his advice and opinion  on various legal matters !!!!.

Friends, Dr. Ravish or Mr. Vijay are professionals and they have come to  the gathering to meet and enjoy with their  friends and relatives, to spend some time away from their Stressful Profession. Please don’t seek their advice at Family Gatherings and Functions.
To Seek the suggestions or advice

  1. Take an Appointment
  2. Visit their Office and Take suggestions like a Client
  3. Pay the Professional Fees Even though they are reluctant to Ask.

Hope We follow this next time before seeking the Suggestion

Happy Meeting
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